Essential superfoods for every diet

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Essential superfoods for every diet

You are what you eat! That is common phrase. But you probably know that. And yes, if you didn’t live your life healthier now it is a great time to start! Also, it is very important to know what you should and what you shouldn’t eat. Because if you eat bananas, apples and salads – yes you are eating kind of healthy, but you are not eating smart.

Now, the thing is that is you want to built the body you want (big arms, rock-hard abs, the unquenchable libido and the lightning-quick brain) – well then you need to count every bite of your food that you put in your mouth. So, that means building your diet around the most nutrient-dense, potent, muscle-growing and disease-fighting around.

Now, you ask yourself, where you should start? Also, you need to know what Superfoods are the absolute fittest? So, we are going to tell you the most essential food, and also, how much should you eat on a weekly basis. Now, read this article in order to see how you can make your diet more fit!

  1. Turkey breast 73 calories per 3-oz serving

You should eat three servings per week

You can buy it skinless and you get 7 grams of muscle-building protein for each ounce. Also, Turkey is high in B vitamins, the cancer fighter selenium and zinc (zinc is a known booster of sperm production). There are no saturated fats, and it has a ton of amino acids. It is also one of the most versatile cuts of meat around, so you can eat it through the week and never have the same thing twice.e7be7c7e249305d81ca76e40bbe685f8

  1. Olive oil 120 calories per tbsp

You should eat two tbsp per day

So, olive oil is high in good monounsaturated fat, and that makes olive oil as ideal food for heart health. Actually, replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in lard and butter) with monounsaturated fat can reduce the risk of heart disease. And that is not the only reason to eat it. The other reason is that olive oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, that means it can help reduce swelling and pain just as a dose of ibuprofen.

  1. Green tea two calories per cup

You should drink one to three cups per day

From weight loss to cancer prevention to potentially slowing the development of Alzheimer’s, green tea helps to fight almost every major medical ill. There is almost nothing better you can drink, no matter if it is hot or cold.947a3b8b76877f41e4a89690c8f08441

  1. Eggs – 75 calories per large egg

You should eat three to seven eggs per week

One egg per day – it’s okay!

Eggs have 4 grams of heavy-hitting, muscle-building amino acids in each shell, as well to boasting some of the biggest doses around of choline – a vitamin which is thought to help improve memory.


  1. Water zero calories

You should drink 8 of 8-oz glasses per day

You must drink a lot of water every day, there are many reasons. Water regulates body temp, flushes toxins from your system, prevents kidney stones, acts as an insulator for joints. . .The thing is that without water none of these super foods would matter. Also, water helps a lot in weight loss. You can feel less hungry if you drinking a glass or two before every meal.

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Insanity Max 30 Price and Availability

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Insanity max 30 comes in three packages and each package attracts a different price. In this article, we are going to look at each package on offer in details.

  1. Insanity max 30 base kit for $19.85

This kit has the following:

10 DVDs with 12 workouts

Insanity-Max-30-PriceThese 12 workouts include cardio challenge which involves thirty minutes powerful cardio routines, sweat intervals routines which will burn calories, tabata strength workouts that will eliminate resting time during the routine and fully workout your muscles, Friday fight round 1 that pits your body versus your mind, max out cardio which a actually a forceful cardio routine, max out power which is an interval plyometrics workout, max out sweat which can also be described as calorie burning exercise workout, max out strength that emphasizes upper body strength, Friday fight round 2; end of the week challenge, pulse ( low intensity recovery workout) and lastly ab attack 10

Max Out Guide  

Max out guide provides very crucial tips for successful workouts

Nutrition To The Max Guide

This guide is meant to improve your eating habits. This a portion control plan which will enable optimize the program results

No Time to Cook Guide

This guide has a wide range of meal plans from which you will be required to choose your preferred meal plan. It is a simple and easy guide to follow.

Max out Wall Calendar

There is time for every single activity. Therefore, this calendar will keep you on track regarding insanity max 30 progresses.

24/7 Online Support

Online support involves fitness experts and participants. You will be able to learn more from the experts and share experience with your fellow participants.

  1. Insanity Max 30 Deluxe Kit For $239.70

Deluxe kit costs $239.70 and it include 12 workouts, no time to cook guide, nutrition to the max guide, max out wall calendar, 20 days money back guarantee and 24/7 online support. All these elements have been discussed in details above. In addition, the kit also comes with;

Extra Workouts

These extra workouts includes max out 15, 360 abs and max out abs. these three workouts involves very intensive routines.

7-Day Ab Maximizer

This 7 day plan wills assist you burn all the stomach fats and attain sculpted abs within a short period of time.

Ab Maximizer Workout Calendar

The calendar is meant to keep you on track and help you attain a well defined 6-pack

Body Fat Calipers

It is quit important to know the amount of fat each day. Fat calipers will help you track the amount of fat you are losing.

7-Portion Control Containers

Portion control containers will assist you in measuring the amount of food you should take.

Shakeology Shaker Cup

Shakeology drink is very important in this program. Take at least 25oz of shakeology drink everyday

Core Comfort Mat

This mat can be used for very intense core routines

  1. Insanity Max 30 Challenge Pack For $180

Insanity max 30 Challenge pack goes for $180 and comes with 10DVDs with a max out guide, nutrition to the max guide, 12 workouts, max out wall calendar, no time to cook guide, 30 day money guarantee and 24/7 online support. In case you find any technical problem, don’t hesitate contacting the online support center. It is free of charge.

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