Essential superfoods for every diet

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Essential superfoods for every diet

You are what you eat! That is common phrase. But you probably know that. And yes, if you didn’t live your life healthier now it is a great time to start! Also, it is very important to know what you should and what you shouldn’t eat. Because if you eat bananas, apples and salads – yes you are eating kind of healthy, but you are not eating smart.

Now, the thing is that is you want to built the body you want (big arms, rock-hard abs, the unquenchable libido and the lightning-quick brain) – well then you need to count every bite of your food that you put in your mouth. So, that means building your diet around the most nutrient-dense, potent, muscle-growing and disease-fighting around.

Now, you ask yourself, where you should start? Also, you need to know what Superfoods are the absolute fittest? So, we are going to tell you the most essential food, and also, how much should you eat on a weekly basis. Now, read this article in order to see how you can make your diet more fit!

  1. Turkey breast 73 calories per 3-oz serving

You should eat three servings per week

You can buy it skinless and you get 7 grams of muscle-building protein for each ounce. Also, Turkey is high in B vitamins, the cancer fighter selenium and zinc (zinc is a known booster of sperm production). There are no saturated fats, and it has a ton of amino acids. It is also one of the most versatile cuts of meat around, so you can eat it through the week and never have the same thing twice.e7be7c7e249305d81ca76e40bbe685f8

  1. Olive oil 120 calories per tbsp

You should eat two tbsp per day

So, olive oil is high in good monounsaturated fat, and that makes olive oil as ideal food for heart health. Actually, replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in lard and butter) with monounsaturated fat can reduce the risk of heart disease. And that is not the only reason to eat it. The other reason is that olive oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, that means it can help reduce swelling and pain just as a dose of ibuprofen.

  1. Green tea two calories per cup

You should drink one to three cups per day

From weight loss to cancer prevention to potentially slowing the development of Alzheimer’s, green tea helps to fight almost every major medical ill. There is almost nothing better you can drink, no matter if it is hot or cold.947a3b8b76877f41e4a89690c8f08441

  1. Eggs – 75 calories per large egg

You should eat three to seven eggs per week

One egg per day – it’s okay!

Eggs have 4 grams of heavy-hitting, muscle-building amino acids in each shell, as well to boasting some of the biggest doses around of choline – a vitamin which is thought to help improve memory.


  1. Water zero calories

You should drink 8 of 8-oz glasses per day

You must drink a lot of water every day, there are many reasons. Water regulates body temp, flushes toxins from your system, prevents kidney stones, acts as an insulator for joints. . .The thing is that without water none of these super foods would matter. Also, water helps a lot in weight loss. You can feel less hungry if you drinking a glass or two before every meal.

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Low testosterone and its treatment

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Low testosterone and its treatment

During this article we are going to look at everything that has to do with low testosterone, including causes, symptoms, treatment options, and benefits and risks of treatment. So if you or anyone you know thinks you are suffering from low testosterone, this article will do great wonders for you.

What Is Low Testosterone?

Testosterone works to maintain fat distribution, bone density, sex drive, sperm production, red blood cell production, and muscle strength and mass in men.


The standard levels of testosterone range between 300 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter. However, millions of men around the world suffer from low testosterone, which is also known as “Low T”. In this case a man’s testosterone levels are below the normal range.

Low testosterone is caused by a disease known as hypogonadism, which prevents the normal production of testosterone due to problems with the pituitary gland or testicles.

low testosterone

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

There are several physical, sexual, and emotional symptoms that will serve as an indication of low testosterone, and these include the following:

Lower sex drive, poorer performance in bed, increased fatigue, decreased motivation, infertility, sleep disturbances, insomnia, increased body fat, reduced strength and muscle mass, decreased bone density, body hair loss, tender breasts, depression, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.



How Do You Treat Low Testosterone?

Men suffering from low testosterone can undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), which comes in the form of pellets, injections, patches, and gels. Each of the TRT options can return testosterone levels to the normal range by reversing hypogonadism, but each therapy option has its own drawbacks.

  1. Testosterone replacement injections: TRT taken via injections is an inexpensive way of increasing your T levels. Injections are taken once every one or two weeks, however your testosterone levels may be out of control right before and right after each injection.
  2. Testosterone replacement gels: This easy to administer testosterone replacement therapy urges you to apply gel on your shoulders and arms at the same time each day. However, the treatment is costly, may cause skin and eye irritation, and may be rubbed onto a secondary individual.
  3. Testosterone replacement patch: A testosterone patch is applied to the skin every night where it will remain for 24 hours. This patch should be placed on non-hairy body parts, and it should be moved each night. However, patches may lead to irritation if your skin is sensitive.
  4. Testosterone replacement pellets: A testosterone pellet is placed against your gum and under your upper lip, where it will mold itself to your upper gum so that you can eat, drink and speak with ease. Pellets are replaced after 12 hours, however they may cause gum irritation, toothaches, as well as being bitter to taste.

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy?

Undergoing testosterone therapy provides you with several benefits, the most obvious being an increase in your T levels.

Other associated benefits include reduced fat mass due to the buildup of muscle mass, prevention of osteoporosis due to increased bone density, reduced chance of diabetes due to improved blood sugar control, improved moods, higher energy levels, increased sexual response, and improved cardiovascular health.

What Are The Risks Of Testosterone Therapy?

As I had mentioned above, testosterone replacement therapy has a number of drawbacks associated with it. Below are a few risks you should be aware of before you undergo testosterone therapy.

  1. TRT may cause sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep disorder where breathing starts and tops repeatedly
  2. TRT has been shown to increase a man’s chance of heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in a deep vein), strokes, and pulmonary embolism caused by the aforementioned blood clots
  3. TRT has been proven to cause skin reactions, including acne
  4. Testosterone therapy can cause enlarged breasts
  5. Testosterone replacement therapy can also limit your sperm production, while causing your testicles to shrink
  6. Though research is still ongoing, TRT is believed to stimulate benign growth in the prostate, as well as stimulating existing prostate cancer
  7. Though person-to-person testosterone gel transfer is rare, women and children who come into contact with this gel may experience side effects like premature puberty and hair growth


As you can see, low testosterone is a serious and prevalent problem that all men should be aware of. Thankfully, if you are suffering from Low T there are treatments that you can take advantage of, and in my opinion the benefits of these treatments outweigh the risks they pose.

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