Can Zyppah RX Stop Sleep Apnea?

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We all know the drawbacks associated with snoring, ranging from disrupted sleep to discomfort. There are natural remedies which sometimes do not work, and surgery options which are expensive and daunting.

Sleep Apnea

So what are you left with? You can try an oral device, such as Zyppah Rx, and below we are going to review this device for your benefit.

The Zyppah Rx is a hypo-allergenic and BPA-free Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), which works to tackle snoring issues using a double action strategy. This green and black device has been on the shelves since June 2012, and during that time it has gained popularity as an effective hybrid mouthpiece for snoring.

By using a combination of tongue stabilization and jaw adjustment, this MAD gives snorers and their families a chance at a quiet and restful night.

Product Details

Type of Product: Jaw supporting mouthpiece

Scam Complaints: None

FDA Cleared: Yes

Price: $79.95

Money back: Yes, 30 Days

How Does It Work?

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea occur as a result of your throat constricting as you sleep. Your tongue can also contribute to snoring by blocking your airway.

As mentioned earlier, the Zyppah Rx works in two ways:

1. Securing your lower jaw in a forward position in an attempt to tighten loose tissue and open up your airways

2. Holding your tongue in place using an elastic band found at the back of the device, in order to stop your tongue from falling back into your throat

There is a large breather hole found at the front of your zyppah rx device, which ensures that you breathe normally while you sleep.

What Are The Results?

The unique Zyppah Rx is currently the only mouthpiece on the market that offers the two-tier snoring solution, but the question on everyone’s mind is whether it works.

By securing your tongue and supporting your jaw, the Zyppah Rx manages to clear your airways as you sleep, in turn guaranteeing that you do not snore.

What We Like

1. The two-tier approach to this snoring problem is sound, and ensures that you find relief if you are a snorer

2. The construction and the design of the Zyppah are top quality

3. The boil and bite concept ensures that you get a customized fit

4. The Zyppah Rx is designed by a Dr. Greenburg, a dentist who knows what is best for your teeth

5. The mouthpiece is compact and light, which is in direct contrast to some of the bulky mouthpieces on the market. These smaller dimensions reduce stress on your muscles and mouth

6. Manufactured in the United States

7. The Zyppah Rx has an estimated lifespan of one year, if the mouthpiece receives proper care

What We Don’t Like

1. Many people struggle with sleeping with foreign objects in their mouth

2. Some users have complained that their mouth, teeth, and jaw are tender for the first week of using the Zyppah Rx

3. The mouthpiece is more expensive than many other snoring solutions on the market

4. Like most mouthpieces, the Zyppah Rx will most likely cause you to drool as you sleep

5. This product cannot be used by people with loose teeth, capped teeth, and dentures

6. There is not tray to help guide your teeth into place

7. There are no adjustment options for the jaw advancement feature. This is unfortunate as this capability is standard in other mouthpieces


Knowing all of this information, where do I stand on the effectiveness of the Zyppah Rx to treat and eliminate snoring? Here is my final verdict.

The Zyppah Rx seeks to outshine other anti-snoring mouthpieces, through a hybrid solution combined with top design quality. I can honestly say that the Zyppah Rx outperforms its peers, as its combination approach tackles multiple issues that may be causing you to snore, as opposed to the one-tier approach seen in many other mouthpieces.

However, there are also problems regarding its price, comfort and lack of adjustment options which need to be taken into consideration. My view is that the price can be accepted due to the value it provides, and that the comfort issues soon go away after a week or so.

Though I am sorely disappointed by the lack of jaw adjustment options, I can say that the quality of build and two-tier approach found in this mouthpiece manage to overshadow this problem.

I definitely recommend the Zyppah Rx to all those struggling with snoring problems.